Want to work as a
Freelance consultant?

We have great demand for flexible IT resources from our customers and business partners, so we are always on the lookout for the best freelancers in the market. Our business is based on long and mutual relationships with you as a sub-supplier, so that together we can create value for our customers and be invited to join us on the next exciting project.

Our core business consists of identifying, qualifying and supplying freelance IT consultants. We act as your agent and business partner, and we work dedicatedly to ensure the right match between you and the companies. We have both Danish and international companies as clients, and this gives you the opportunity to test your skills in the framework that suits you best. We are always looking for skilled consultants in these areas:
We are specialists in SAP sourcing and have a strong network of SAP clients. We always need skilled SAP consultants for SAP MM, FI/CO, MM, SD, PM, PS and S/4HANA and more.
There is increasing demand for consultants specializing in SuccessFactors and Human Capital Management.
Microsoft Dynamics 365
We are always looking for the best .NET developers and Microsoft specialists
We need NetSuite ERP and Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP specialists.
Amazon Cloud
Amazon Web Services handles half of the world's data and there will only be an increasing demand for AWS certified consultants.
Salesforce is with good reason the leading CRM vendor worldwide, and we are therefore always looking for skilled freelance Salesforce consultants.
The market still needs Java specialists.
Google Cloud
There is an increasing demand for consultants specializing in Google's Cloud platform.

What can we do
For your career?

If you are an established consultant, Sourcing IT can help with the next exciting assignment. If you have ambitions to start out as a freelance consultant, we can facilitate the practicalities and find your first client.

We have a clear mission to attract the best consultants and be able to offer them the most interesting assignments.

We know that successful project solutions depend on the technical qualities, but also to a very large extent on the personal skills. People have a great influence on the product, and therefore it is crucial for us that our consultants possess both the right professional and human skills.

At Sourcing IT, you become part of a consulting network and get the opportunity to utilize your skillsets in big international companies.
Who are your clients?

Our customers are primarily C20 companies in Denmark and Scandinavia within sectors such as: Energy, Finance, Pharma and Production. On the international market we source for several large multinationals. 

How long are your contracts?

Assignment can vary in length, but our average contract length is approx. 9 months. They typically range from 3-18 months and often have options for a further 3-6 months.

Do you guarantee my next assignment?

The market is in constant motion and we can never guarantee that you will not be sitting on the bench for shorter periods. We always try to work with a time horizon of 2 months in relation to your next task.

You are of course not bound to Sourcing IT and as a subcontractor you are always free to say yes to other contracts when you are not on assignment for us.


There can be considerable profit in becoming a freelancer. The hourly rate can often be doubled, but be aware that as a self-employed person you do not have sick pay, paid holiday or paid pension. In return, you have freedom and an opportunity to build your own work-life balance into your working life.

Our payment terms are dependent on the current customer and vary from 30 to 60 days. However, Sourcing IT pays our subcontractors on the same day that the customer pays.

If you are interested in finding out what a profile like yours is currently going for in the market, we would be happy like to look at your CV and have a chat with you and our expectations to your rate.

What does it take?

Our clients expect efficient and skilled consultants, so we require at least 5 years of experience within your area of ​​expertise.

How do I get started?

If you are ready to become a freelance consultant, we are ready with advice and guidance in relation to setting up a company and help with the practicalities and the first customers. Sourcing IT will present you with a contract of at least 6 months before you take the final leap.

Contact us for a conversation about the possibilities we see for your future as an independent consultant.

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    Copyright by Sourcing IT ApS. All rights reserved.